1) Add app-controller-submodule as a submodule to include in your project

git submodule add

2) Add app-controller-submodule as a static library to your binding

    # Library dependencies (include updates automatically)
        ... other dependencies ....

3) Declare your controller config section in your binding

// CtlSectionT syntax:
// key: "section name in config file"
// loadCB: callback to process section
// handle: a void* pass to callback when processing section
static CtlSectionT ctlSections[]= {
    {.key="plugins" , .loadCB= PluginConfig, .handle= &halCallbacks},
    {.key="onload"  , .loadCB= OnloadConfig},
    {.key="halmap"  , .loadCB= MapConfigLoad},

4) Do the controller config parsing at binding pre-init

   // check if config file exist
    const char *dirList= getenv("CTL_CONFIG_PATH");
    if (!dirList) dirList=CONTROL_CONFIG_PATH;

    const char *configPath = CtlConfigSearch(apiHandle, dirList, "prefix");
    if(!confiPath) return -1;

    ctlConfig = CtlConfigLoad(dirList, ctlSections);
    if (!ctlConfig) return -1;

5) Execute the controller config during binding init

  int err = CtlConfigExec (ctlConfig);